New fashion in unusual places

A funked-up collection for Chanel watchers
plus Gucci's dangerous look is back for the fall

A sedan in roadster's clothing?
BMW's new hot rod is impressively refined, maybe too refined

Ambassadors of design
'World designers' to promote Korean style

American cool meets British mod
Tommy Hilfiger lands in Korea with a new look inspired by the mid-1960s

An eye on style at the Queen's Birthday Ball
The annual ball was a delight for a designer-label spotters, but also demonstrated the creativity of many of the women in attendance

Art of combining innovation, elegance and buzz
Once a celebrity is photographed toting a particular satchel, the designer has fame bagged

British brands evoke 'posh' feeling
Interview with Guy Salter and Russell Sage

Casual footwear steps out
Chimento, cheongsam and grooming products for men

Celine introduces Paris MacAdam
plus Women's hair, Men's hair

Chanel gathers craftsmen
How do you preserve long traditions of design? Buy your suppliers' firms

Cosmetics marketing pro extolls medical advances
plus Summer's cool accessories

Criminals in their lingerie
The provocatively sexy costumes of 'Chicago' allude to the '20s Chicago gangster look.

Fresh start: Cosmetics products spring to life here
plus Slip-on shoes on men

Furniture fair takes at-home look
Swim wear sings a Beach Boy look

It's reigning menswear
Embracing peace - and the free spirit of Korean men

Korean fashion at the forefront
Knitting a reputation where art meets commerce

Korean fashion sallies into the world
But some designers find local sensibility does not export easily

Louis Vuitton struts its stuff for the Korean market
Luxury brand woos fashion crowd with new Web site (and a flashy soiree)

Marc Jacobs reinvents the 1960s
A long way from filching baguettes

No ultra-sexy suits, please: We're Korean
Maillots, string bikinis, bands & briefs and tankinis

Our cars, our clothes, ourselves
Packaged to perfection, Seoul's hippest people stut their stuff

Praised in Paris, snubbed in Seoul
"Clothes can liberate you and become a means of creativity and expression."

Putting a twist on fashion photography
Commercial images are a backdrop for conceptual art in Seoul exhibit

Retro-hip fashion is back
Hong designing for a global audience; Jin Te-ok's modern minimalist flair

Seoul fashion explodes as overseas buyers take cover
Few foreign press and only a handful of buyers were present. But expatriates cheered at Seoul Fashion Week

Seoul fashion taking on the world
It's a secret. But watch for colors inspired by French art.

Troa skirts the cutting edge
Han Song's futuristic vision energizes Troa Cho's line

Watches drawn from familiar objects
It's the 'Maharajah's Necklace,' but without all 2,930 diamonds

Western styles oriented to Asian inspiration
After only 2,000 years East and West are still discovering each other

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