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10 Corso Como Seoul
The art-and-fashion-meets-retail collaboration between the founders of 10 Corso Como Milan, Carla Sozzani and Kris Ruhs, is a hot spot for trend (read: trend is not the same as the actual stuff) shopping and a quick stop for espresso at a beautifully decorated cafe. www.10corsocomo.co.kr
Price Range: Varies
Location: Cheondam-dong
Telephone: 02-3018-1010
Hush hush about this upscale department store is that Korea's top 500 VVIP members, who can shell out serious cash on clothes alone, use the store's prestige boutiques as well as exclusive private services including a salon, spa, personal shopping, limousines, not to mention members-only soirees. Eliden on the fifth floor is a select shop for worldly fashionistas. www.avenuel.co.kr
Price Range: Varies
Location: Myeongdong
Telephone: 02-771-2500
This is the hush-hush shop where the city's better-known stylists and arbiters of high fashion acquire their super-sleek spectacles to frame their visage. Bobos carries trendy but rare and very tasteful eyeglasses and sunglasses by noted brands from around the world. Business hours go by Doota (www.doota.com)
Price Range: Varies
Location: 2/F Doota in Dongdaemun
Telephone: 02-3398-5271
Coex Mall
Korea's original mall rats were born here circa 2000. The mecca of shopping in Gangnam got a major renovation in synch with the latest trends. Everything is spic-n-span here. On the cream-colored marble floor underground stretching like a myriad are the city's relatively new breeds - apart from Zara, Nike and Burberry, etc. - of brands, eateries and collaborations with local talents in design, art and music. Some 500 shops are on B1 floor and more are being added to B2. Coex Mall is connected underground to Convention & Exhibition Center, CGV movie complex, Aquarium, City Air Terminal, Hyundai Dept. Store, the Grand Inter-Continental Hotel and Samseong Station on Line No. 2. www.coexmall.com
Price Range:
Location: 513 Yeongdong-daero
Telephone: 02-6002-5300
This tiny boutique's uber-simple moto jacket and straight jeans below a simple black fedora can turn regular dudes into real men with serious style. 'Tude reeks here at the city's edgiest fashion depot. DIAFVINE, by the way, is an acrynom for Difference Affect VIP Net - whatever it is but it guarantees to raise your HOT index. www.diafvine.com
Price Range: Varies
Location: Apgujeong-dong
Telephone: 02-544-2793
The mall's recent renovation has brought a cleaner, better-organized and upscale look to the popular shopping destination which offers all-day-and-night shoppers "ultimate hip chic made in Korea" at excellent price. Plus best nail care until 5 a.m. nightly! Closed on Sunday evenings.
Price Range: Varies
Location: Dongdaemun
Telephone: 02-3398-3114
From hipster London denims, attitude New York pouchettes and bling bling Tokyo caps to Seoul's own starlet's latest numbers, the store that used to be the hotspot in Garosu-gil's main street moved to the street behind it. www.flowkr.com
Price Range: Varies
Location: 28 Apgujeong-ro 10-gil
Telephone: 02-515-9050
CLOSED: This cake boutique, or what looks like a tiny counter, tucked under Cafe Mou owned by the celebrity hair stylist Lee Sang-il offers a limited, exquisite selection of delectible delights that are too precious to be called cake and chocolate.
Price Range: 7,000 won and up
Location: Sinsa-dong near Dosan Park
Telephone: 02-3444-0768
Gentle Monster
In Korea, Gentle Monster is cool by association. Stylish trendsetters and influencers in fashion capitals around the world sporting cool shades strike poses and/or mingle at star-studded parties to celebrate the latest collaborative project, that is, in case you didn't know the monster in question is a series of sunglasses sprung out of the South Korean fashion scene. Gengle Monster is the game changer in the country that once an OEM to glasses brands worldwide. Trendy shades aside, Gentle Monster is famous for its interesting concept showrooms that multi-function as exhibition space and party venues. The one located near Samcheong-dong is housed in the former public bathhouse dating back to the 1960s. www.gentlemonster.com
Price Range: 180,000 won and up
Location: 92 Gyeodong-gil
Telephone: 070-4895-1287
Helena Flower
One of a few pioneers in flower design in Korea, the L.A.-trained florist Yu Seung-jae popularized her passion for flowers through distinctively European-style flower arrangements and bouquets. They are now a must-have item for celebrations by celebs and society ladies. Make your day or your loved one's with the season's finest and fragrant picks.
Price Range: 50,000 won and up
Location: Gwanghwamun, Yeoksam-dong
Telephone: 02-2118-6031 (Gwanghwamun Finance Center), 02-2112-3828 (Gangnam Finance Center)
The era of 2D photos may be over once 3D printed figures become an everyday thang. An impressively detailed and life-like miniature figurines of your own self and loved ones as of today is made easy and affordable in high-tech South Korea since May 2015, only if, after a couple quick quickie shots inside a small studio equipped with 100 cameras that 3D-photoscan the body, you can wait several hours, or up to a few days if you want it in your mail. Just be yourself and let 360 degree scanning and 3D software do the work! www.ioys.co.kr
Price Range: 120,000 won and up
Location: IOYS Studio, 2F Design Lab, DDP 281 Eulji-ro
Telephone: 010-4026-2395
W Concept Store Korea
Billed as Seoul's first outlet specializing in imported fashion brands, W Concept Red sells everything from American Apparel to Topshop to Zac Posen or what-not-that-depends on the season at disounted prices. W Concept Store Korea, which has become an increasingly popular online store, specializes in not only import retail but also collaborative projects with Korea's hot designers and celebrities. www.wconcept.co.kr
Price Range:
Location: 17 Myeongdong 8-gil
Telephone: 070-8706-1507

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